Have you looked inside your jewelry box lately and noticed pieces that you really don't want anymore? We offer excellent prices when you are ready to sell your old, outdated or other unwanted items. What's more, we look forward to giving you our most friendly, focused respect and attention during your visit to our store. You can count on us to give you a reliable valuation that you can trust. It is a simple three step process. All you need to do is bring your valuables to our store. We will then assess your pieces, and you will be provided with an offer amount from our experienced and knowledgeable jeweler. That's all there is to it. You can accept the offer if you like it. There are no strings attached.

Gold • Silver • Platinum • Coins

Perhaps you own a ring or necklace that you never really liked. Or, you have a pendant that you never wear or a collection of coins that is weighing you down. Bring these unwanted items to our store and you can go home with cash in your pocket and a happy smile on your face. (Or, if you have a few moments to spare, you might want to consider browsing our store for a fabulous new treasure!)

Diamonds • Other Precious Stones

When you are ready to part with an old diamond ring or that outdated pair of topaz earrings, you can swap your unwanted diamonds and precious stones for cash at Diva La Jolla. It doesn't matter if they are in perfect condition or if they have seen better days. We are ready to assess and purchase your unwanted your diamonds and other precious stones.

Rolex & Other Fine Watches

When you no longer wear or want the watch you currently own, it may be time to talk to us. We have many years of experience valuing luxury watches and will give you the best possible price available. We evaluate and purchase Rolex watches and other fine watches.