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Established in 1996, Diva of La Jolla has built its reputation on providing outstanding customer service, exquisitely crafted fine jewelry, and superior repair services to a valuable community of customers, both in store and online. We are completely committed to providing our new and existing customers with high-quality merchandise and a superior shopping experience.

Because we emphasize excellent quality and customer service each and every day, much of our business is based on repeat customers and referrals. If you are already one of our customers, please know we deeply appreciate your loyalty and look forward to serving you again and again. If you are new to our community, we invite you to come in and browse our store. We are confident you'll like what you see and hear and will want to become a respected part of our family of customers. In addition, should you become our customer, we will do our best to gratefully serve you far into the future.

With our exciting and continually changing jewelry collections and services, we offer discriminating jewelry lovers a wonderful new experience in attention to beauty, detail and value. Our mission is to devote ourselves to ensuring our satisfied customers receive stunning, high-quality merchandise and unsurpassed customer service whenever they visit our store or website.


Our staff is dedicated to making your experience memorable. Not only is our highly experienced sales and repair staff available to answer any question and concerns you may have, but we also are trained to carefully listen to your thoughts and ideas so that we may better help you. If advice and expertise might help, we gladly offer educated suggestions or recommendations, on anything from engagement rings to Valentine's Day presents. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that your shopping experience is pleasurable, informative, and rewarding. A deep knowledge base of our merchandise and services, along with our courteous enthusiasm, professional demeanor, and willingness to go the extra mile helps our staff guide you to find exactly what you need.





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Have you looked inside your jewelry box lately and noticed pieces that you really don't want anymore? We offer excellent prices when you are ready to sell your old, outdated or other unwanted items. What's more, we look forward to giving you our most friendly, focused respect and attention during your visit to our store. You can count on us to give you a reliable valuation that you can trust. It is a simple three step process. All you need to do is bring your valuables to our store. We will then assess your pieces, and you will be provided with an offer amount from our experienced and knowledgeable jeweler. That's all there is to it. You can accept the offer if you like it. There are no strings attached.

Gold • Silver • Platinum • Coins

Perhaps you own a ring or necklace that you never really liked. Or, you have a pendant that you never wear or a collection of coins that is weighing you down. Bring these unwanted items to our store and you can go home with cash in your pocket and a happy smile on your face. (Or, if you have a few moments to spare, you might want to consider browsing our store for a fabulous new treasure!)

Diamonds • Other Precious Stones

When you are ready to part with an old diamond ring or that outdated pair of topaz earrings, you can swap your unwanted diamonds and precious stones for cash at Diva La Jolla. It doesn't matter if they are in perfect condition or if they have seen better days. We are ready to assess and purchase your unwanted your diamonds and other precious stones.

Rolex & Other Fine Watches

When you no longer wear or want the watch you currently own, it may be time to talk to us. We have many years of experience valuing luxury watches and will give you the best possible price available. We evaluate and purchase Rolex watches and other fine watches.



We provide our customers with an outstanding assortment of high-quality, distinctive merchandise. We also offer integrity in pricing, dependable service, and trustworthy and knowledgeable jewelers. Our unique designs, exceptional variety of inventory, and a friendly, helpful staff make your shopping experience enjoyable and productive. Whatever your needs or the occasion may be, there is a good chance you can find something to fall in love with at Diva Of La Jolla.


Few things can compare to the remarkable sparkling beauty of a diamond. Since we know that finding just the right diamond is extremely important, we stock many sizes, shapes, types and different qualities of diamonds. While at our store, you can learn all you need to know about the cut, color, clarity, and shape of a diamond. And, because it matters, we keep a very large selection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds in stock.


Whether you want to pop the question, buy a birthday gift, or reward yourself with something special, you can find all sorts of delightful treasures at Diva Of La Jolla. Our fine jewelry stock includes engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. Select something from our continually refreshed inventory or collaborate with our custom designers to create a wonderful piece of jewelry that is all your own. In any case, we can bring your dreams to life. What could be better than that?


If you are looking to find a watch to suit your style, taste, and budget, your search will happily end here. We offer a large stock of high-quality, pre-owned men’s and women’s watches in all the contemporary and classic designs that you crave. We specialize in Rolex watches and offer an extensive collection of other fine watches as well.


Services Offered

Services We Offer

We realize that jewelry really is a reflection of who you are, and we also understand how important it is to your life. It can be fun, dramatic, whimsical, daring, sweet, impressive and ever so much more. Jewelry can evoke feelings such as happiness and even love. When you give jewelry as a gift, it can be a way of relaying to the recipient that you understand them. When you collaborate with the right custom jewelry designer for yourself, it can be a way of saying, "I know myself." Our talented jewelers can custom design jewelry just the way you want it. And, the repair and maintenance services that we offer ensures that your jewelry will remain intact and beautiful for many generations to come.

Custom Designs

If you want something extraordinary, you can have it. We create unique custom designed jewelry of all types and are wedding ring specialists. Our jewelers are renowned for their skill at creating unforgettable, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Whether our master jewelers completely redesign an existing piece of your jewelry or custom design it to meet your ideas and specifications, you are involved in the process every step of the way. Our craftsmen can make use of your unwanted gold and precious gems that you haven't worn in ages, or you can choose from our stock of precious metals, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and more and unleash your inner creativity.

Jewelry Repairs

What would you do if your favorite piece of jewelry broke apart or the diamond fell out of your engagement ring? Or, what if you knew that you would adore a certain pair of earrings if only they looked a little bit different. It happens. Fine jewelry is designed to be worn and enjoyed. Yet, like most other valuables, jewelry may sometimes need repairs and special care. Our company is on standby to provide professional jewelry repairs, alterations, refurbishing and much more. Whether you require a major jewelry repair, a design tweak or a simple cleaning, our jewelers have extensive experience in all types of repair. All you need to do is bring your item in for servicing. After we inspect your item, we will provide you with a price to repair it. Once you give us your approval, we will repair your item, and return it to you right away.

Watch Batteries & Repair

When your watch stops ticking or needs a tune up, we can help. Our experienced on-site repair experts can replace your watch battery in a snap and know just what to do keep your watch in tip top shape. Since we specialize in Rolex watches, you can rest assured that it is handled with the tender care it deserves.


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We have been located in Santa Clara for many years and are pleased to be part of the community. Our convenient location is easy to find and allows us to share our knowledge, enthusiasm and excellent prices with you. 

Please feel free to contact us. We are here for you!

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